Things you can hear Lil Wayne ramble on about over the course of his fascinating half-hour-long "Public Service Announcement":

  • Steve Jobs ("I don't know a person that hasn't been influenced in some sort of way by this man.")
  • Thoughts on mortality ("What if I 'Sean Kingston' the fuck out myself [on my jetski]?..I wonder if motherfuckers really remember me for the innovator that I am?")
  • Sizzurp ("When I picked [the cup] up...y'all didn't even know what it was!")
  • Tattoos ("Are you tatted everywhere, n---a? Are you? [Pulls up pant leg, shows wrist]. I do this. For real. Why do you do this?")
  • Cars ("Ask the people...I was the first African-American...rapper...with a Bugatti...You know what the people at the place called me? The Barack Obama of Bugattis.")
  • Guitars ("I picked up a motherfucker guitar, and I put out a rock album...My reason for picking up that guitar, 'coz I wanted to learn how to play a motherfucking guitar and sing to a woman...I bet you your girlfriend know how to sing 'Prom Queen,' I bet you know what 'Drop the World' is...")
  • Skating ("Don't say 'Yeah, that n---a Wayne, he skating, he wanna be like a white boy. Say, 'That n---a Wayne skating. He wanna be like a white boy. Say it like that.")
  • Changing the world ("I'm making the world a better place. I'm making your son, your cousin, your niece, your nephew say, 'I wanna skateboard. I wanna go outside and play.' When the last time you heard your child say that?")
  • Gang Affiliations ("The first day I rolled into jail, two big n---as came to my cell, pulled me out of that motherfucker, pulled me into the pantry...said, 'You are a this prison, you are classified as a Blood, you are classified as a Chief. So we will be watching you very closely'...not to say that that makes me an official gang banger, but n---a...don't...don't...don't test my shit.")
  • Staying Disciplined ("I still get up every day and go to the studio. Not that one [in my house]. I still get up every day, get in my car and drive 15 mintues to the studio. 'Coz I don't wanna never get too relaxed and say 'Oh I got this shit at the crib, now I can do it when I want.' No, you still gotta do it every day. It's just at the crib in case you ever forgot that you didn't do it for a day.")
  • Concluding Remarks. ("Do you what you do, ladies and gentleman, and do it well. And know why you doing it. And don't be afraid to believe in why you doing it. And if so be it, Lil Wayne's the reason...")

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