A Spotify Playlist of the Third-Best Songs from Every Artist on the Popdust 40

You're probably tired of the best song. Second-best is just the first loser. But third-best? No one ever gets sick of the third-best of anything—it's just good enough to always be worthwhile, but not so good that you ever want to burn yourself out on it. That's why we made Third-Best Song such an important category in our rankings of the Popdust 40, and why you should really give a listen to our Third-Best Song Spotify playlist, featuring the #3 entry from the entire catalog of every artist to make our yearly rankings.

Give it a spin, and be instantly transported back to memories of your third kiss, your third day of high school, and the third time you watched Inception. It's always less nerve-racking than the first time, isn't it?

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