Jay-Z and Kanye West probably won't be satisfied until their grand collaborative opus Watch the Throne becomes a novel, a movie, an opera and a computer game, so that all may be in full and proper awe of its biggosity. For now, though, they'll have to make do with a digital art project, helmed by Gabriel Bean of Recognize the Moment, entitled "." Bean's work is, in his own words, "typography based, laced with images of relevance"—in other words, he takes lyrics like "314 soldiers died in Iraq / 509 died in Chicago" and uses the letters of the words as cutouts of pictures of the respective cities mentioned. (Check below to get a better idea what we're talking about.)

Is it the most vital art project undertaken in the year 2011? Probably not. Would 'Ye and Jigga appreciate the effort? We think so. Would it make a perfect digital coffee table book, if such a concept existed? Give it a few years.