Aaron Paul breaks into The Price is Right in search of redemption

Joined by James Corden, things don't go much better for him 17 years later

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Aaron Paul is good at a lot of things. He won three Emmys as Jesse Pinkman during Breaking Bad's five-season run. He's a voice and executive producer of the critically heralded Netflix show Bojack Horseman. He's starring on another acclaimed show, The Path, on Hulu. He's a movie star, an ad spokesman and just a generally lovable guy. But like that first girl or guy who broke your heart, he's still haunted by one particular CBS game show that brought him to his knees back in 2000. I'm of course talking about The Price is Right, a show Paul competed on long before he found success and lost in the showcase showdown, overbidding by just $132 in a clip that has since gone viral. But in a segment that aired on The Late Late Show last night he, with the help of James Corden, seeks to redeem himself by breaking into the Price set and finally bring home the top prize.

Despite both his and Corden's enthusiasm, Paul still can't quite crack the Showcase Showdown the second time around, but who knows maybe he'll find redemption someday? At the very least he can console himself with a nice box of Corn Pops.