Adam Craemer Paints Gorgeous Graffiti Portraits


Derbby's featured artist of this week is Adam Craemer.

Untitled No2Adam Craemer

Born in South Africa, Craemer moved to Australia in 2011, where he nursed a love for painting. His unusual and compelling style stems from the kind of techniques he uses. Opting for aerosol paint as his main tool of creation, his portraits and surrealist landscapes hold a quality that feels at home in a contemporary gallery or on the murals of an art district. His portrait pieces are re-workings of internet images or pictures sent to him by clients, while his surrealist pieces are often reactions to music he plays while painting.

Never keen to settle on just one technique, Craemer pushes himself and combines his favored graffiti style with plaster, chipped paint, and different paint types. Whatever his methods, the energy imbued in each one of his paintings is something to behold, equal parts urban chic and intimate snapshots of a person.

IngridAdam Craemer

His featured piece on Derbby is a graffiti-style portrait of Australian model Jasmine Dwyer toting demonic horns and an intense glare: beautiful, original, and just in time for Halloween. Don't pass up the chance to bid on it. Better yet, don't pass up the chance to own it.

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