When was the last time you heard of watched The Hub? Maybe if you're younger. OK, now how many singing competitions can you name in 30 seconds? Doesn't matter how many--"Majors and Minors" is not going to be among them. Someone should figure out a way to harness this nigh-mitotic growth for non-reality TV purposes. Think of all the potential uses! Right now, all that's being accomplished is more spots for up-and-coming singers and more side gigs for stars and their aspirants. Someone make it stop. We don't need any more.

Granted, Majors and Minors, premiering September 23, was already fairly star-heavy, featuring Brandy, Leona Lewis, Jordin Sparks, Sean Kingston, Mike Posner and Ryan Tedder. What a weird spectrum, right? Now add Adam Lambert, Avril Lavigne and Colbie Caillat to the aforementioned list of people who'll get paid to mentor--"major," in show parlance--aspiring kid singers. The winner gets a record deal and a tour; there will be singing involved; the usual drill. Really, this is just paycheck grist, fan-devotion grist, and feel-good grist. Although the prospect of an Adam-Avril-Colbie trio is kind of intriguing! Much more than a Brandy-Leona-Jordin-Sean-Mike-Ryan, which would be a mess. Maybe, if you're lucky, that'll be a YouTubable segment from the show. Yeah, no. But maybe!