Despite serving as a guest judge for the aspiring designers of Project Runway last week, Frau Klum must not have had the time to go through the basic getting-to-know-yous with Adam Lambert. Now that she has his all to herself for a interview session with AOL, she's not letting him leave until they've cemented their BFF status. Watch below as Heidi grills Adam on his favorite things (mint chip ice cream, glitter), bad habits (eating the aforementioned ice cream) and style tips (platform boots, structured jackets). Highlights include their bonding over the frequency of vodka-induced memory loss brain farts onstage, something Heidi can relate to with both Germany's Project Runway—apparently more nerve-wracking than ye olde Lifetime version, and yes, the lady keeps busy–and through her husband's own performing experiences. Oh, you didn't you catch that the numerous mentions to her husband referred to Seal? Glamberts should get ready to squee at the mention of his upcoming second album, and can take comfort in that fact that he's almost exclusively listens to the tracks while driving. As we all will, too, as soon as they become available. Enjoy your daily dose of Lambert below.