Adam Lambert Finds Somebody To Love With Queen!

Anyone who ever doubted that Adam Lambert would have the vocal chops to sing with the remaining members of Queen, have a look at this YouTube video.

The American Idol star gave a spine-tingling rendition of the rock classic Somebody To Love during a recent concert on the band’s North American tour.

Filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada, it shows the 32-year-old at his glam rock best alongside original Queen members Roger Taylor and Brian May.

Wearing make-up, studded leather sleeves with gold tassels flowing from his arms he gave a performance that the late Freddie Mercury would have loved.

Camp, brash and witty, the singer complains of being hot during the July 5 performance at The Joint in Las Vegas. Clutching a Spanish-style fan in one hand and a gold microphone, he says in the video: “[Does] anybody ever feel like that? They can just douse themselves in champagne and diamonds and pretty things to get away from it all?”

He then cheekily adds: “Can I get an amen? We’re at the church of Glam Rock now!”