While all the tweets and interviews have helped us deal with Adam Lambert's album delays, it's nice to finally have some new music to fawn over. Fans be warned: it's only 27 seconds, but that's 27 seconds more of a Lambert original than you had this morning—plus, official artwork helps. "Better Than I Know Myself," off the upcoming Trespassing, is written by Dr. Luke, Claude Kelly, Joshua Coleman and Henry Walter—but most importantly, Dr. Luke—and is a more ballad-y than past power pop love songs. Adam dramatically sings his way up the register over pounding synths, recalling feeling close to the mental and physical "edge," only to be reined in by the thought of someone else ("If I wanted to leave I would have left right now / But you're the only one that knows me better than myself"), presumably hitting on that "something real" Lambert has said the album's "party music, sex music, fucked-up-relationship S&M music" explores. There's not much to judge, but we're pleasantly optimistic for what's in store, although fans might begin arguing over who really knows Glambert best. The full version is available on December 20. Have at it, Glams.