Despite traveling through China before, Lambert admitted that Shanghainese was a "tricky dialect," which resulted in a public tutoring session during his appearance on 80's Talkshow on Saturday. Unafraid of a little embarrassment, Adam listened patiently to his 80-year-old teacher before attempting various pronunciations of helpful phrases like "I love you"—should he need to endear himself to his Glamberts even more.



We applaud his concentration and effort as he genuinely seems to be taking the opportunity to learn another language without needing to purchase a Rosetta Stone seriously. And with such a good rapport, we'd vote for these two to get their own buddy comedy on the mid-season TV schedule. Shortly after, The Glam One headed to The Voice of China to perform "Whataya Want From Me" and "Trespassing" during the live finale, in front of a crowd of roughly 80,000 people. If he was at all nervous by the size of the crowd, it certainly didn't show.



Watch both below.