Looks like Carly Rae Jepsen isn't the only inhabitant of the Billboard charts to land a guest role on a prime-time teen soap. Ryan Seacrest broke the news this morning that Adam Lambert will be teaming up with ABC Family to appear on an upcoming episode of Pretty Little Liars. While the series plans to wrap its third season at the end of August, they'll satiate television viewers' need for mystery and vague texting with a special Halloween episode airing in October. Seacrest revealed to his On Air listeners that Lambert will serve as a special guest, performing two songs—knowing the nature of both Lambert and the addicting drama, we feel confident in assuming one won't be "Monster Mash"—and appearing in a scene with star Lucy Hale.

File this as the latest instance of Lambert lending his talents to places other than his live show, performing with Queen and allowing his name to be thrown into the perpetual reality TV judging ring."Is there a better pick than Glambert for that episode? I mean that guy is a Halloween party on two legs." We'd go with captivating live performer and genial interview subject, but whatever floats your boat, Seacrest.