If you've been paying any attention to the charts lately--or listening to pop radio, basically the same--you'll notice "Naked Love" sounds a lot like what's topping them. Specifically, it's a sweet midtempo love song that's not too far removed from what you'd hear from the likes of say, The Wanted. Those kids might not be quite so free with the nudity metaphors but its glazed-slick melodies, zippy percussion staccato oh-oh-ohs are all ways the boy-banders charmed America, and they're pop tricks that work regardless of age.

But then again, age really isn't an issue; "Naked Love" isn't really about nudity at all. "Take it off" is as raunchy as these lyrics get--in MPAA terms, this would just count as brief nudity; you might say the track's got strategically placed towels and sheets. This is on purpose, though; what Adam's really asking to be disrobed is his partner's inhibitions. That's an established songwriting trope-The Good Natured and Dev are just a few folks who've asked their partners in the past year to take off their defenses. But the only person likely to have heard all three of those songs is a pop blogger. Besides, "Naked Love" asks so sweetly. Why not relent and get to know it some?

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