Adam Lambert's "Trespassing" Reviewed: "Never Close Our Eyes"

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"Never Close Our Eyes" has been out for a while; it's the second Trespassing single. It's also one of two tracks on Trespassing Adam had no credited involvement in. The other track is the other single, "Better Than I Know Myself," and you've got to wonder why; when Lambert's name slips off the credits, the quality slips as well.

Here's who is involved in "Never Close Our Eyes." The track was originally Bruno Mars demo, which makes a lot of sense--every other pop song's got a carpe diem (and/or noctem) message, but who else in pop would be so literally morbid about it and write "there's plenty of time to sleep when we die" or "none of us are promised to see tomorrow?"? (Lana Del Rey doesn't count. Neither do the writers of "Don't Wanna Miss a Thing.") You almost wonder whether Bruno originally meant this as a slower, statelier ballad, something like "It Will Rain," which would make a lot of sense. But that's a moot question, because Dr. Luke and Cirkut got hold of it, and neither seems to know what to do. The prechorus, in particular, sounds like nobody could decide whether it called for a dubstep breakdown, spot of synth claps or Travie McCoy interjecting with his acoustic guitar. Adam does his best with what he's given, growling and stressing and gospel-belting his way through lines too cliched for him. The problem's not him, it's the material--which is particularly baffling, considering there are at least five better singles on this thing. One of them is right after this.

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