It's been almost a year since "Outlaws of Love" has been out in public. The track's become something of an unofficial theme both for Trespassing and for Adam's career. You can read as much of a cultural meaning into "they've branded us outlaws of love" as you'd like--and it is worth noting that, as the Village Voice points out, no album by an openly gay artist has ever topped the Billboard album charts--but it's just as applicable to star-crossed or thwarted lovers in general. It's relatable to anyone who needs it.

About the track itself, though. "Outlaws of Love" is far quieter than you'd expect from something with such a glam-metal title. Bon Jovi this is not; it's a quiet acoustic track, built from slide guitar, percussion (at least in the beginning) no louder than a heartbeat and some of Adam's softest vocals. The restraint's welcome, particularly in contrast to some of the Top 40-bait found elsewhere. It makes everything here resonate far more than it otherwise might have, and it closes Trespassing with dignity and quiet reserve.

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