TV aficianados that have somehow avoided hearing songs like "This Love" or "Moves Like Jagger" in their day-to-day lives are probably still familiar with Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine by now thanks to his starring role as a coach on NBC's The Voice. Still, there's television and there's Television. (And then there's the band Television, but that's neither here nor there.) Adam may be introduced to the latter soon enough, as EW reports that Levine is in "final negotiations" to play a character on the upcoming second season of American Horror Story on FX.

What character, you might wonder? Well, a "contemporary character and half of a couple called 'The Lovers.'," says the Weekly. We'd try to further interpret what that means—on how many shows do you have to actually specify that a character is "contemporary"?—but that would imply that we'd actually watched a second of it beyond the previews. (Is Coach Taylor's wife still on it? What about the evil dude from Heroes?) Well, whatever the character, FX wants Levine for it, so badly that they're apparently "shooting around his summer touring schedule."

Adam the actor, huh? Well, his work under Sophie Mueller in the "This Love" and "She Will Be Loved" video makes it pretty clear that at the very least, he's a formidable talent when it comes to staring intently into the camera and making out with hot chicks. Throw in some of the action sequences from "Wake Up Call" and that's already what, 60% of TV right there? 70%? We're just gonna go ahead and call this a win right now. Sign on the line that is dotted already, Ads.