With his good looks, natural charisma and penchant for making moody, plot-driven music videos, it's been long inevitable that Adam Levine of Maroon 5 would eventually be a star outside of just pop music. He's already well on his way there, with his coaching stint on The Voice, his recurring role on American Horror Story, and his ability to keep a straight face during performances of he and 50 Cent's "My Life," but now he's taking another big step on his road to Adam Levine, Entertainer: Hosting Saturday Night Live.

Levine will be playing master of ceremonies on SNL January 26th, though neither he nor his band will be performing—he'll be leaving those responsibilities to rapper Kendrick Lamar, making his program debut. Adam will be busy anyway, networking with whatever cast members might be able to introduce him to Jon Hamm or James Franco or someone who can get him cast as a sleazy tennis instructor in the next Judd Apatow movie. At the very least, Levine should end up with a cameo on Smash or Go On or something. Vertical integration (or something)!