We've reached the next step in Adam Levine's campaign of curses against Fox News and/or his attempt to beat fellow Voice coach Cee-Lo Green for most uses of the F-word in one year even after overplaying of that one song. (You wonder why he didn't leverage "Moves Like Jagger" for it; after all, Mick F'd it up in his day.) The MTV VMAs didn't volley back an F-bomb after Levine's, but Fox hosts Andy Levy and Greg Gutfeld (Red Eye) did, copiously. Here, we'll re-assemble the timeline for you:

Levine: "Dear Fox News, don't play our music on your evil fucking channel ever again. Thank you."

Levy: "Dear @AdamLevine, don't make crappy f*cking music ever again. Thank you."

Gutfield: "Dear adam, That's not music."

Levy: "Maroon 5's bio strangely fails to note the band was developed by the CIA as part of its enhanced interrogation techniques program."

Gutfield: "fun joke: why did Maroon 5 cross the road? because crappy music is legal there! @adamlevine"

Gutfield: "names that sound alike: Maroon 5 and crap @adamlevine Names that sound alike: @kelseygrammar and @chelseahandler."

Gutfield: "better than your music @adamlevine just saw a plastic bag blowing in the wind.Pretty sure it's NOT the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." (so wait, now Katy Perry's in this? Who's next? Russell Brand? Rihanna? Katy turning herself back into Katy Hudson for feud purposes?)

Gutfield: "Maroon 5 is just bad music @adamlevine "golf is a good walk spoiled." -Mark Twain"

That last was about half a day ago, but if Adam wanted to reply, this could go on forever:

ADAM: "So if I make crappy music, then why are you playing it?"

LEVY: "And if we're so evil, then why are you watching us?"

GUTFIELD: (some kind of take-off on a vintage Adam Levine tweet. Maybe this one about Sting?)

There, we've just storyboarded the next development or two. Feel free to jack our jokes, guys. You deserve to have your time freed up for more productive things. As for you-the-reader, if your time isn't freed up, here's the video version of the Fox reply: