Hey have you guys heard this great new song called "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen? You mean you have? Oh right, so has LITERALLY EVERYBODY ELSE ON THE PLANET. (Not literally.) Katy Perry jumped in the pool yesterday, following the lead of Justin Bieber and others with her "Me and all my friends singing along to CarRaeJep video," and now we have actor and professional bandwagon-jumper James Franco, mouthing (and occasionally legit singing) along to the song while in the car with a lady friend of some variety.

Like most recent additions to Team CarRaeJep, neither Franco nor LF seem to know many of the words to the verses (aside from the "In my way" part), but they're all about the chorus, including putting a fake hand-phone to their ear, a gesture that will now forever be known as "The 'Call Me Maybe.'" Check it out, and let us know what celebrities you spot singing along to Carly on the way to work/school today.