Adele has already had a huge year, so we might as well throw her on a rap song, right? That seems to be the logic behind The Gangbang, the mashup collaboration created by Lexzyne Productions comprised of Adele, Childish Gambino and Chief Stockton, who have released a new video for "Close Enough," featuring Wale. The song pulls largely from Adele's "Turning Tables," with a video that incorporates black and white shots of each artist in their "native" environments—Childish Gambino a.k.a Community's Donald Glover on a television set, Adele going through a rehearsal, Wale in and around Washington D.C.—which gives their verses a more personal, home movie type feel, but disrupts the illusion that they actually came together to create this track. Still, as far as mashups and collaborations go, this strange group manages to work better then many we've heard of late, with Adele's voice serving as the haunting, stubborn glue that binds each rapper's verse with its predecessor. And with her vocal chords on the mend, it's the closest thing to new music we'll get from her for awhile.