Ever wanted to have a beer with Adele? So do lots of people. But by reading this, you have an inside tip: don't order anything North American. What would Adele think of your taste?!

Possibly not much, if you can extrapolate from Adele's tour rider, which The Smoking Gun dug up recently. For the most part, it's pretty standard: lots of water, accommodations that don't completely suck. Then there's this: "12x selection of bottles of best quality European lager beer. ie Becks, Stella Artois, Peroni etc North American beer is not acceptable" Well then! Spin points out that she's missing out on an awful lot of decent beers--and doesn't have an issue with North American smokes or chocolate--but hey, taste is taste. For what it's worth, Drinkify doesn't associate Adele with beer at all but some vodka-coconut milk-honey concoction.

Other things that are sorta notable:

- No tomatoes, vinegar, chili or citrus fruit--all acidic foods, in other words, perhaps because they could irritate Adele's throat and/or cause acid reflux.

- Squeeze-bottle honey. Not organic honey.

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