We should have known Adele was on a secret mission.

The pop singer's been on a bit of a hiatus since announcing her pregnancy back in June, but it seems she was lying low in order to disguise her latest mission: Recording the theme song to the latest James Bond film, Skyfall.

Savvy photographers caught Adele at an MGM recording studio this summer and, with no new album on the horizon, speculation was rampant that she had been tapped to sing the title song for the November release—rumors that were confirmed by TotalFilm Monday morning.

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It will be weeks until we know that the song sounds like, but even without any evidence we're confident Adele is a great pickup for MGM. After years of mining for theme songs in the alt-rock wilderness—Chris Cornell? Sheryl Crow?—the Bond franchise gets a bold, brassy and (just as importantly) British singer whose sound harkens back to the films' '60s heyday. Even her beehive could have  come straight from the set of Goldfinger.

Can Adele compete with Shirley Bassey? We'll find out in November.