Adele Punk'd Adele Impersonators By Pretending To Be...Herself!

adele punkd adele impersonators

Adele is a triple threat—she can sing, act, and ever wear prosthetics.

The 25 year-old Grammy-winning super-star recently nailed an impression of…herself.

The buxom Brit with the stunning voice dressed up as herself to prank Adele impersonators for a BBC segment that aired in the U.K. on Friday.

The Curious Case of Adele

Adele's alter ego was a nosey nanny named Jenny and no-one was the least bit suspicious when she turned up at the audition for a made-up show at the New Wimbledon Theatre in London.

The Punk’d caliber prank was part of an "Adele at the BBC” special. The Adele wannabes had no clue they were standing mere feet away from the real thing—and, "Jenny" the nosey-nanny was actually the singer herself, wearing a prosthetic chin and nose.

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The hopefuls obliviously chatted away backstage as each of the impersonators was called to sing before the judges. And Adele really milked the hell out of it—telling the other competitors, “[work has] been a bit slow recently…not that many…not much of a demand,” a wink to the fact the actual singer has just released another album after a four-year hiatus.

Before taking to the stage, she even pretended to be suffering from nerves and said she feared she wouldn’t be able to audition!

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“Jenny” eventually headed out to sing though—and, slowly but surely, the reality began to wash over the other Adeles. One, however, refused to believe her ears. “It’s not her,” she insisted!

Finally, everyone’s eyes welled with tears as Adele belted out a haunting refrain of her monster hit Make You Feel My Love.

Watch the hilarious/breathtaking clip below!

Meanwhile, in other Adele news, the singer is hoping to collaborate with Drake.

In a recent interview with etalk, Adele revealed that she’d love to work with the rapper on a remix of his hit, Hotline Bling.

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“I really want us to do an official remix,” Adele said. “I love Drake. I love Drake so much. I even got the coat that's in the video—I got it delivered the other day, I ordered it. The red one.”

Adele went on to confess that there’s video out there floating around of her drunk dancing to Hotline Bling!

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“I had a drink like three weeks ago [with] my best friends—in fact, it was to celebrate Hello. And I was off my face because I don't really drink anymore, and they've got video of me dancing to it on a coffee table as well,” Adele admitted.

But when asked whether her friends would ever share it publicly, this was her reaction, "They better not! My best friends are good."

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Based on a recent Tweet from Drake, the R&B star seems all in.

Adele's latest album, 25, was released on Friday. It's not streaming on Spotify or Apple Music, though.

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