Adele has drunken fans. Some of these drunken Adele fans are American. Can you infer anything about American fans from these two statements? (Logically, no.) British fans, however, heard plenty of details about both statements on the Jonathan Ross Show last night, as well as how Adele's "pretty oblivious" to her sudden stardom, aobut the VMAs and their attendant "young'uns," how Adele is self-proclaimedly "always single," and many more anecdotes we really can't do justice to. At this point, you're either familiar with how Ross and Adele are both quite candid interviewer/ees, or you're in need of learning.

Also on the show, Adele continued her curious trend of having songs other than "Rolling in the Deep." Specifically, she performed "Turning Tables," best known to stereotypical American fans as one of the songs Gwyneth Paltrow did on Glee. The song, although not a major single yet, still deserves better recognition than that. Listen for yourself!