Among the most remarkable things about 21 being the No. 1 album for so long is that it's only been anchored by three big singles, somewhat original when contemporaries routinely go six or seven singles deep in the span of only about a year. (And you could argue that 21's success was only anchored by one big single. We shouldn't have to tell you which.) Even more remarkable is that 21's had one sure-bet single, one that charted already by popular demand (well, OK, by Glee), one with sass the likes of which Adele's only shown during scattered notes in "Rolling in the Deep" and one that was once slated as a single.

We're speaking, of course, of "Rumour Has It," possibly Popdust's most often big-upped Adele track. It took co-writer Ryan Tedder to break the news (this is where we should point out that "Rumour Has It" sounds nothing like a standard Tedder track) on the Grammy red carpet, and the news was a long time coming: it'll be Adele's fourth single, being shipped to radio in mid-March and nigh-destined to go to No. 1. Are we biased? Yes.

Really, everything we just said can be summed up by the last 15 seconds of this performance. Rumour has it this is what your No. 1 track is leaving the charts for. Adele don't care.