On the one hand, when artists announces that they're going make country music from now on, it's usually a sign that they're trying to pivot make a comeback, or be the older-but-now-new Taylor Swift. But this is Adele, who's topped the Billboard 200 album chart for 12 weeks now. Any career moves Adele makes are made because Adele damn well wants to.

Besides, it's not like she's going dubstep-chillwave-moombahton fusion on us. Adele's already said her new album will be acoustic; from there, country's just a guitar strum away. She told The Sun--we know, it's a tabloid, but still--that she admired the "melodies and to-the-point lyrics... in a lot of American styles of music," styles that include country, bluegrass and rockabilly. (Speaking of rockabilly, can we pause for a second to plead for an Adele/Imelda May duet?) From this, she said, will come visits to Nashville and Austin, Texas and, presumably, enough atmosphere to permeate the 21 follow-up. Sure, why not? We'll start getting worried when Benny Blanco's name gets floated. Country is fine.