Adele's probably going to hold next May inside her hand, playing it to the beat of her new, as-yet-untitled album. Prepare for more music industry salvation! Or at least a lot of empowering songs.

Here's what we know about Adele's upcoming album so far, based on an interview in The Sun:

- Adele wants Harold Bishop--a character on the Australian soap opera Neighbours played by Ian Smith--on her album, specifically for his tuba prowess. There's no word on whether this'll actually happen, but is it really that much more improbable than Lady Gaga snagging saxophonist Clarence Clemons from the E Street Band? In case you're not an Australian soap devotee, here's who Adele's talking about:

- In non-tuba news, Adele's written at least five songs including one upbeat "girl power" track. Cue Popdust speculation: could this be a "Run the World (Girls)" cover? Or is she going vintage with the Spice Girls or even Shampoo? OK, Adele never said it was a cover. But think of what could be!

- There is at least one cover, though: INXS's Donnie Darko-approved "Never Tear Us Apart," one of Adele's favorite songs. It's a good choice for her, too, with drama built in from the first swelling seconds and plenty of chances to belt. Listen to INXS's version below--can't you hear it?