When word came out that Adele would be attending the 70th annual Golden Globes last night, it was pretty clear that she expected to win in her Best Original Song nomination for the titular theme to Skyfall. After all, she is Adele, and in the year 2013, Adele doesn't show up at award shows just to put on a Honor-Just-to-Be-Nominated brave face and clap politely for a winner that isn't her, especially after giving birth for the first time just months earlier. No—when Adele shows up at an award show, Adele expects to collect.

Still, when Adele won—as everyone and their non-specific life partner knew she would—she still went up there and did the whole "WOOOOAHHH YOU GUYS LIKE ME AND WANNA GIVE ME STATUES??"-type humble routine. And it was adorable, because Adele is adorable and said "fanks" a lot and acted 5000% more down-to-earth and less pretentious than anyone else on stage that night, and everyone loved her. Well, everyone except for one person, who just so happened to be one of Adele's vanquished co-nominees: Taylor Swift.

Now, surely Taylor was none too pleased that Adele beat her out for the Golden Globe—especially since Taylor was snubbed in the category at the Oscars, thus making this her only shot at winning a semi-credible award for her excellent Hunger Games contribution, "Safe and Sound." But really, we think the reason for the maybe-stinkeye at Adele's acceptance speech wasn't for her win, but for her stealing Taylor's "OH MY GAWSH, YOU GUYS!!!" award acceptance schtick. Beating her for trophies is one thing, and Taylor will have her vengeance come this year's Grammys or the next, for sure. But biting her trademark bit is quite another. You can hear Taylor's inner monologue as she silently sneers at Adele from her seat.

Listen, honey. I get that you're the shit now, and everyone loves you because you're British and and you're a little overweight and you seem "real," whatever that means. But you're not fooling me. You're not fooling Taylor Swift. I was once like you, so bright and unassuming-looking, but even then, I knew I had earned my greatness. I acted surprised because I knew that's what people wanted and didn't want to seem arrogant, but deep down, I knew I deserved it, and I expected to receive it, just like you do. You might have them charmed now with your cheekiness and super-cute accent, but when you're still giving the same speech five years from now, let's see how "real" everyone thinks you are then.

Trying times for Tay-Tay, indeed.