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Adele's "21" Is Even More Record-Breaking Than Ever

Yet another milestone that'd be inconceivable two years ago: Adele's 21, the record industry's hype-appointed Superman and Batman and Spider-Man and Captain America-by-way-of-Britain hero-of-heroes savior of an album, has been at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart for the most weeks--12--of any album since 2000. It's sold about 2.9 million to date, according to Billboard.

Frankly, only two things are surprising here--that 21's only been at No. 1 for 12 weeks (it seems like much more, doesn't it?) and that the previous record-holder was Santana's Supernatural from 1999-2000. It's been a fairly slow spell for high-profile releases that'd excel in album, not single sales, which undoubtedly helped Adele sit on the perch even after sales tapered off below 100,000; it also means--as Billboard has noted--that there's probably no way Adele's getting a No. 13 once Watch the Throne's album sales are in. So celebrate this milestone while you can, Adele. For a few shining weeks, you have truly had it all.

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