We knew Adele's upcoming album would have an INXS cover. We knew it'd have one "girl power" track. Now imagine those, except acoustic and piano-driven. As the artist told Q Magazine recently:

"It won’t be a big production. I want it to be quite acoustic and piano-led. I want to write it, record it, producer it all and master it on my own."

There's been a bit of speculation about Adele going acoustic after the full-blast production of 21 and more specifically "Rolling in the Deep" and how that supposedly won't work. This talk is ridiculous. Half of Adele's appeal is her latching onto the perception that she's somehow more "real" and "authentic" than whoever's using autotune or synths this week. What better way to capitalize on this than with an acoustic album? Everyone loves it when Lady Gaga does an acoustic "Poker Face" or some guy covers a rap song on a ukelele. Same idea.

Granted, Adele probably is entirely well-meaning with this. It's just that we're really not looking forward to all the instrument wars that will undoubtedly break out when this thing drops -- still slated for May, although it's early to say that for sure. We're also not looking forward to the inevitable Tori Amos and/or Kate Bush comparisons, because you know there'll be at least one soon after the first piano chord. (No, that sentence is not one of them.) But if Adele's album will sound like this, maybe we can at least try to put up with it.