The subversive wags of the Internet have found yet another online poll they can use to mess with a pop star they hate for no reason. Fresh off their successful campaign to send Pitbull to Alaska, the modern-day Jonathan Swifts on Reddit and 4Chan have conspired to send Taylor Swift to a school for the deaf.

Swift has teamed up with Chegg and Papa John's to play a free concert at the school that gets the most votes at Crucially, though, voters don't have to verify that they attend the school they're voting for, which opened the opportunity for our generation's finest satirical minds to vote to send T-Swift to Horace Mann School for the Deaf in Massachusetts.

Horace Mann is currently leading the contest, though its official rules caution that Chegg may choose a different school for the concert if they so desire. Still, this is not something we can see Taylor Swift backing out of. Which is good, because alongside their ability to be used as a bludgeon against pop stars the Internet doesn't like, deaf people can also enjoy music.