Afrojack Releases New Banger "All Night" with Ally Brooke

The budding pop star is currently on tour.

Legendary producer Afrojack kicked off the weekend strong with a new release this morning.

"All Night," featuring budding pop starlet Ally Brooke, is a buoyant weekend anthem destined to tear up the radio. In an interview with Popdust, Afrojack said on his longevity that he's just trying to be happy these days. "I'm trying to not just be successful but be happy," he said. The DJ's new single, which is simply about dancing all night long, definitely aligns with this refreshed mindset.

"If you look at creativity from the perspective of staying fresh, you're just fooling yourself," he said. "A sound itself is purely formulaic, but what you do with your sound is always up to you." Pop newcomer Ally Brooke melds perfectly with the track, her vocals soaring over Afrojack's signature melodic house sound.

The singer is currently on tour, so be sure to check out her dates here, as well as the song below.

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