The promo blitz for Michael Jackson's Bad 25 album is about as extensive as you imagined, if not more so. The latest to be rolled out: a series of remixes from the album, from producers like Diplo (naturally), A-Trak (cool) and Skrillex (?!).

There's also Afrojack ("Taking Over Control" and "Give Me Everything," to name what's charting), and he's tackled "Bad." The remix is fairly straightforward, adding a streamlined house beat and subtracting not much. In other words, nobody would ever make terrible puns to criticize it, and when remixing "Bad," that's top marks.

How to hear it? Two ways. You can take a picture of a soda can to hear this, or you can hear it here. One is a questionable use of photography. One's something already on this page. Easy choice.

Here's the original, in case you momentarily forgot what sounds actually sound like outside the clubland context. Or in case you just feel like listening to some Michael Jackson or watching his videos. That's generally a solid plan.