After School Releases Sensational Pole Dancing Teaser Video For "First Love"

Pole dancing in a pop music video? Has Rihanna's "Pour It Up" visual arrived already? Nope, it's just Korean girl group, After School, working the pole like they're Carmen Electra in a teaser clip for their upcoming single, "First Love".

While Rihanna appears to be going for a ratchet, hood chick concept for "Pour It Up," After School's "First Love" is all sensuality and seduction. Just listen to the dreamy music playing in the background, which is a total throwback to the smooth urban sounds of late '80s and early '90s R&B. It also sounds a lot like SISTAR19's recent chart-topper, "Gone, Not Around Any Longer," which ranked pretty damn high on the sensual scale.

Speaking of SISTAR, they also tried out the whole pole dancing thing back in 2010 for their hit, "How Dare You," but they didn't bother to learn a full stripper routine like After School clearly has. And we can't forget "Gentleman" hottie, Ga-In, who worked the pole so hard in her "Bloom" video that it started spraying liquid everywhere. But those two never brought their moves to the stage, and knowing After School's history of elaborate performances (from marching band drum lines to tap dancing), we're expecting to see their pole routines live on Korea's major music programs. That is, if they can get past the country's strict censors first.

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