After School's Jooyeon Struts Her Stuff In New Lingerie Commercial

We thought that SECRET's Hyosung was the only K-pop star with a lingerie endorsement deal, but luckily we were wrong. After School's Jooyeon is the new face of Japanese lingerie brand Maruko, and her first television commercial for the undergarment giant was released this week. The entire thing is just Jooyeon strutting around in her panties, which obviously isn't a problem. There's also a brand new After School song playing in the background, which we'll probably get to hear in full some time this year when the group releases their next Japanese single.

At the moment, After School's still tied up in Korea promoting "First Love," which we named "the sexiest pop video of the year" due to its spectacular pole dancing concept. The song's done reasonably well since its release last month, recently entering the top ten of the GAON chart.

Anyway, get into Jooyeon's lingerie commercial, below!

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