After School's Kahi Stars In Social Media Drama Series, But What About Her Solo Career?

Kahi hasn't hit the big time yet, but she's kept herself relatively busy since graduating from After School. She's a regular on variety shows and red carpet events, and was the co-host of Son Dam Bi's Beautiful Days up until last month, when she was replaced by model, Lee Hyun Yi. Her latest venture is a lead role in a low budget social media drama series called Because We Haven't Broken Up Yet, which is currently being released through Facebook, YouTube, Naver TV, and various other online platforms.

Meanwhile, there's still no news on Kahi's long-awaited second solo album. The follow up to 2011's Come Back, You Bad Person was originally scheduled to drop last year, but appeared to be delayed due to Son Dam Bi's comeback album, which was released in November. It was then scheduled for the first half of 2013, but now that time has passed with nothing. Kahi's agency, Pledis Entertainment, has been active with its other artists though, releasing new albums from NU'EST, Hello Venus, and After School all this year.

Now Kahi's been dropped from Son Dam Bi's Beautiful Days and is starring in an online-only drama series. The more time that passes since she left After School, the worse her career seems to get, so it's time for Pledis to get it together and release the Kahi sophomore album they promised. It's gotta do better for her than her current activities, and might even revive public interest in her enough to lead to bigger opportunities if her single does well enough.

Let us know your thoughts on Kahi's stalled solo career, below!

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