Hello, Popdust readers! I'm Julieanne—Boobs Radley to my Twitter followers—and I'll be your diamond in the sky this week.

As you mayyyyy be aware, Rihanna is celebrating her seventh record with a bonkers "7 cities, 7 days" tour on 777 jumbo jet.

She and her team have made the ludicrous decision to fill their giant plane with fans and journalists. As she is my favorite Barbadian pop star*, I'll be tagging along with her to Mexico City, Toronto, Stockholm, Paris, Berlin, London and New York this week.

We'll be reporting to you live-ish from inside this whirlwind publicity stunt. (I say live-ish because there's no WiFi network on the themeplane. UNAPOLOGETIC, indeed!) I have zero idea if I'll be able to appeal to Our Lady of Perpetual Ella personally, but you can bet I'll be digging up answers to your pressing questions. Like, what's the word on Battleship 2, can you smoke a doob on an airplane if you're super famous, and will she let us use her private bathroom if ours breaks or gets gross or something. (Just thinking practically, here.)

I hope you'll join me! Follow along here, and on Twitter.

*Apologies to socio-political calypso superstar Macdonald "Glynner" Blenman.