Premiere: watch AirLands surreal new music video for "Palisades"

The first taste off the upcoming sophomore LP So Much To Keep

If all art is rooted in the past, it just goes to show how much we've grown.

AirLands, fronted by Kevin Calaba (formerly of Stars of Track and Field), is right on the heels of releasing their sophomore LP So Much To Keep, out 4/14. Produced by Marcus Paquin (The National, Arcade Fire) and Yale Yng-Wong (Bear Hands, Chairlift), So Much To Keep is an album for when the stars align and everything falls into it's own place, the way it was meant to all along.

Calaba is not shy about his darker days, as they've paved the way for where he stands today. Previously the frontman of an indie rock band that succumbed to overindulgences, Calaba's rebirth as a musician came in the form of AirLand's first self-titled LP. It touches on the fact that it's easy to lose yourself if you're not careful, but with sensibility comes clarity. AirLands became sustained by a hopefulness that makes listening to them a real and honest experience.

"Palisades" is our first sneak peek into So Much To Keep. A wistful, dreamy track that sheds new light on the band's state of mind, "Palisades" feels like your journey back home for the winter. Popdust is honored to exclusively stream the brand new music video for "Palisades," which stars Calaba in a rabbit mask who finds himself in the middle of a quiet landscape at dawn as well as some other unexpected situations.

"Palisades is one of my favorite tunes of the sessions. It has a slightly more complex verse progression (for me), with three minors, four majors and even a flat 7. Combined with some buzzy synths and ethereal guitars, it creates a bit of a dreamscape, impressionistic feel. Lyrically the song follows suit, with an abstract and misty love story," Calaba tells Popdust.

"I find myself constantly back at love, survival, rescue and death. These have been my constants. Maybe because I think I know them. Maybe not," Calaba continued. "I guess we cannot objectively observe atomic matter because we meddle in it's motion when we try and observe. Art is the attempt to do so. Failing is the result, sometimes."

If all art is a progression of us then and now, we're just glad we're along for the ride with AirLands.

Palisades from AirLands on Vimeo

Kevin Calaba as Rabbit
Cleopatra as Mannequin

An original concept by Kevin Calaba

Directed by Jimmy Gildea
Produced by Jimmy Gildea, Elizabeth Turner and Kevin Calaba
Executive Producer Kevin Calaba
Director of Photography Jimmy Gildea
Production Design by Elizabeth Turner and Lars Midthun
Edited by Jimmy Gildea
Co-Producer Mitch Kampf, Lars Midthun and Mark Nystrom
Costume Design Kevin Calaba Marlena Calaba
Original music by Airlands
Stunt Coordinator Mark Nystrom
Lighting Design Mitch Kampf
Grip Lars Midthun
Aerial Videography Sky Candy Studios

So Much To Keep is out 4/14.

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