EXCLUSIVE | Rising star, Alana, delivers smash hit with "Something Bout You"


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"I've got everything to lose." - Alana puts her heart on the line for her emotionally-revealing, undeniably-infectious, hot-off-the-presses, new single.

Occasionally, a magical moment occurs in music journalism, when you come across an artist about whom you hadn't yet heard, with a song you should have been hearing all summer long, blasting from the top of your playlist. This, ladies and gentlemen, is one of those moments, and I'm truly stocked to be sharing it with you, the Popdust readers, first!

Alana might not be a household name quite yet, but her subtle yet powerful musical style has us banking that she'll be a lot more familiar in the coming months. Blending R&B influences with contemporary electronic, tropical house, and pop styles, "Something Bout You" sounds as if it had been hand-crafted by omniscient pop music gods, sent forth to ascend billboard charts around the world. But don't let the pitch-perfect-trend-friendliness fool you; this record has serious soul, with heartfelt lyrics as vulnerable as her voice is beautiful.

Rare are the artists with mainstream, commercial, and dance floor appeal, that can simultaneously display raw honesty and emotional depth in their music. For this singer-songwriter, it has apparently never been a problem. Alana grew up idolizing legends like Shakira, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston - finding inspiration in that music to endure through tough times. Understanding from a young age, music's ability to transport, perhaps even transform people mentally and emotionally, Alana honed her skills, dedicated to making music with meaning that can move the masses.

At 18, Alana herself moved to LA - diving head first into the music industry and never looking back. There she is collaborating with LA's most exciting up-and-comers, including SawyerLee Hannibal Hector, and Brit. Those in the know tell us we should expect to hear all of that in her upcoming music, with nuanced styles taking cues from a range of genres, from R&B and hip hop, to even Arabic music and beyond.

We're looking forward to it, Alana. There's definitely Something Bout You ;)

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