Where on EARTH are Alison Gold’s parents?!!!

The 11-year-old…. yes… ELEVEN-year-old… is back with a new masterpiece—Shush Up—and Popdust has the incredibly age inappropriate video.

We’ve already suffered through Chinese Food.. then the super creepy ABCDEFG ....and now Shush Up.

The track is actually annoyingly catchy, but it’s not the music that really grabs your attention—it’s the video.

In it she twerks in a gold bikini and sky high go-go dancer boots, gets electrocuted in jail (perhaps for crimes against music?), is wheeled along a mental hospital ward by two "sexy nurses" while clutching a giant baby doll, dances with a bunch of half-naked well oiled men while dressed in just teeny booty shorts and some strategically placed plastic wrapping and lets loose on the dance floor surrounded by very scantily clad twenty something dancers gyrating and making out with each other.

Just normal, regular goings on for a pre-teen… yeah?

Oh, and lets not forget that creepy dude who has been a constant theme throughout her videos so far..

In Shush Up she visits him in jail, where he ominously tells her (with no further explanation) to “do what I told you to do..”

I really have no clue what is up with that… at all….