How "Friendly Betting" And a 111 Year Old Rugby Rivalry Promise Aid For Haiti

Concern Worldwide is using "gameraiser" technology to help Haiti recover from Hurricane Mathew


In the wake of Hurricane Matthew's devastating sweep through Haiti and beyond, Concern Worldwide, an organization founded in 1968 to battle global poverty, has partnered with tech startup Allgood to give rugby fans around the world an extremely fun way to help victims with a few clicks. Its called "gameraising."

How does it work? Click HERE and answer a few quick questions about the likely outcome of game. For example: "Who will score first?" Then you choose how much you want to donate, which is completely optional (but it goes to helping people in need PLUS it makes the game more fun)! "Okay I made my bets and put up my money, what do I stand to win?" Well in this case Concern Worldwide is hooking up awesome prizes like a weekend trip to NYC and signed rugby balls for winners. Plus Allgood's platform makes it super easy to invite friends to compete with you and challenge them to match your donations!

"Me and all my friends entered #Rugby4Concern. What now?" At 4pm ET on November 5th, Ireland will go head-to-head with the New Zealand All Blacks at Chicago's Soldier Field. "28 attempts and more than 111 years — that's how long the Irish rugby team has waited to conquer the world-renowned New Zealand All Blacks. The last time time these teams met was in 2013, when — with 30 seconds left in the game — Ireland was on track for a historic win. To the heartbreak of all the Irish watching, at the very last moment their team was upset by New Zealand once again," explain our friends at Concern, who say they'll be rooting for their "home team," Ireland on Saturday.

Nearly 1.5 million people desperately need help right now in Haiti, which is one of the world's poorest countries. Concern might be Irish-born, but their scope of humanitarian efforts is truly global. 2016 marks 22 years they've spent on the ground in Haiti.

"The people whose homes were destroyed will need help with shelter," reports Peter Doyle, Concern's Emergency Response Manager, in Haiti. "Those who lost their crops will need food to eat, and many have no money to buy goods."

For such an important cause, more than just the fans are getting involved, some star players are as well! Rob Kearney of the Ireland team, who traveled to Ethiopia with Concern in 2011, is even getting in on the gameraiser fun! Tweet him your support @KearneyRob, and lets make sure Saturday's match makes history in more ways than one!

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