It’s going to be a happy holidays for Madonna’s alcoholic brother this year.

Martin Ciccone has battled alcohol abuse over the years, multiple DUI arrests and rehab stints and even served several jail sentences—but he’s now one year sober and to celebrate his multi-millionaire sister is buying him a new set of gnashers.

“[Madonna and I] are on good terms and she’s helping me out,” Ciccone tells the MailOnline in an exclusive interview.

“She’s getting me some new teeth. I’m hoping to start doing voiceover work again for cartoons and video games and get back on my feet.”

Just this past week Forbes magazine named Madge the world’s highest paid musician of 2013—having pocketed a cool $125 million from her MDMA tour.

Martin, however, lives a much more frugal life than his famous sister, working at a rehab center in Hollywood.

“I’ve been clean for a year. I'm helping people save their life, I love it,” Martin tells the MailOnline. “It helps me stay sober. I help people save their lives using the 12-step program. It's from AA, Alcoholics Anonymous.'

And here's a bit of vintage Madge for you to enjoy...