All the Cool Kids are Suing Madonna, Maybe You Should Too

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Most successful musicians have been sued for small or large sums of money-- some for good reasons and others for the wrong ones. Madonna is no different. She has been sued for supposed crimes as far-fetched as mismanaging an African school and giving her song the name "Girls Gone Wild". This past week ended with two new lawsuits against the pop star. If this amount of suing keeps up there may be enough material for a  reality TV show "Madonna Goes to Court."

The first claim against Madonna digs up some ancient dirt out of the attic. It's being made by a record label for what it claims to be illegal sampling from a track it released in 1975. The sample allegedly shows up on her 1990 single "Vogue." Using new technology, the label was able to pinpoint where Madonna's song resembles The Salson Orchestra's dance jam "Chicago Bus Stop." Why would technology need to be used if it's obvious that the sample was pulled? The prosecution are claiming that the sample was intentionally disguised. Do you think this is a load of B.S. to squeeze some dough out of our sweet-souled Madonna, or a legit claim to millions of dollars in damages? Leave us your thoughts in comment section after checking out the two songs side-by-side:

Madonna's recent performance in Paris solicited yet another lawsuit, and no, it's not because some old French man in the front row had a heart attack after The Queen of Pop flashed her nipple. This time the suing is being done by right-wing French political leader Marine Le Pen. Nicknamed "la peste blonde" for being, well, a blonde pest, Le Pen is the face of France's nationalist party. And her father and ex-party leader Jean-Marie Le Pen is a known Nazi sympathizer. Madonna knows all of this because she's Madonna and Madonna knows everything important going on in current events.

Her performance of "Nobody Knows Me" has an adjoining video reel which includes controversial images being collaged over her face. When Marine Le Pen's eyes initially came onto the big screen in Paris, there was an initial roar from the crowd. And then a swastika, the symbol of Nazism, flashed across Le Pen's forehead and a "boooo" erupted. Considering that the vast majority of French people are afraid of Le Pen's brand of extremism, they were probably boo-ing Le Pen. To save face, and by that I mean literally save her face from being superimposed on Madonna's, a spokesperson for Le Pen says she will be filing a lawsuit against Madonna in France.

At the end of the day, I can imagine that Madonna will end up tossing a couple million to the starving record label. With Le Pen it will be a different story, since she explicitly threatened to sue Madonna if she aired the video of Le Pen and the swastika in France. There won't be a settlement; Le Pen is going for blood, or at least a public apology.

This is Madonna in her element, with the "sue me" mentality that wins her the admiration of fans and the inevitable hatred of some. Ultimately I applaud her willingness to be political. That said, she didn't employ the tact one would hope for. Equating Le Pen to Hitler is a bold move, because it's her father Jean-Marie who is the openly pro-Nazi one. My prediction is that the French court will rule "freedom of speech" in the end and let our girl off the hook. If you're as interested in the intersection of politics and pop stars as I am, you'll be following this one closely.



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