Katy Perry is poised to get even bigger. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Paramount Pictures and Perry's camp are currently in talks regarding a potential 3D concert film, similar to what the studio previously rolled out with Justin Bieber's Never Say Never last year. See, Russell? She doesn't need you to be a movie star! And like the Bieber film—and Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers and Michael Jackson concert docs before it—Perry's project would follow a documentary style, to capture her personal and professional evolution while on the road. While not every 3D concert film has been as successful, Perry's animated persona—and certain body parts—sort of lends itself to this format. Throughout last year's whirlwind California Dreams tour, she frequently let fans in on behind-the-scenes aspects of her show with short videos, closing the gap between the performer and audience member. This openness also seems like a natural fit for the star, although in light of recent events, it will be interesting to see how personal things get. But will there be an accompanying soundtrack to this film? Eh, why don't we give the first single its No. 1 plaque just to speed this process along.