UPDATE: In an attempt to mend ties with Drake, Amanda has since tweeted this peace offering:


On Amanda Bynes' Twitter page—aka The World's Favorite Lil Internet Hotspot—appearances are everything. Homegirl tweets the word "ugly" more times than Bieber tweets the word "focus," which is a lot.

Today's victims were Miley Cyrus and, natch, Drake. Bynes spared Cyrus the U-word:



Music to every girl's ears (and nose). We're not sure what kindness she's referring to; just the day before, Miley was calling Amanda "sad."

Lord nose knows poor Drake, who Amanda once very publicly craved, did not possess Miley's good fortune. In a tweet that has since been deleted, Bynes wrote, "I won't marry @drake because I want to marry a gorgeous man! Sorry ur ugly @drake but I have dated ugly guys before so you stand a chance!!!"

Don't worry, Drizzy! Amanda is just in a super picky mood today...


Well, she certainly doesn't want for chutzpah.

Nate Jones/Popdust