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Premiere⎯AMARA’s chilling cover of "Come Little Children" from 'Hocus Pocus'

1, 2, this cover's coming for you...

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Halloween is only days away, and what better way to get in the holiday spirit than a little Hocus Pocus, huh? L.A. enchantress and singer-songwriter AMARA, who conjures up what she describes as "horror-pop," gives a taste of new music with a chilling and gut-wrenching rendering of "Come Little Children," the defining track from the 1993 camp classic starring Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy as the wickedly cool Sanderson Sisters. 23 years ago this year, the goofy but sinister film broke down barriers and redefined the Halloween standard. AMARA's new release—which premieres exclusively today—is as haunting as you might expect.

"If you take the story of 'Hocus Pocus' and put it in our reality, anyone would be scared shitless. These are three witches who want to suck the youth out of children to achieve immortality. That's frightening. I wanted the song to feel like an adult adaptation of the whole film. I wanted to inject fear into everyone's childhood memories," producer CharlesBlack shares with Popdust of the song—which features children's laughter, ghostly strings and ghoulish echoes. While the original version, which served as Parker's iconic moment in the film, is certainly spooky in its own right, the 2016 revamp takes the creep factor to a whole new level.

AMARA has a few thoughts on the song, as well: "We both find a certain solace in all things horror; fear forces you to be present. Vocally, I found the best approach was to use the opposition of Charles's production by coming from a misleadingly angelic position. The track really takes you to another time and place that's both mesmerizing and terrifying."

AMARA's "Come Little Children" will undoubtedly give you nightmares (all over again). The track follows the recent release of "Peaches," a sampling of her forthcoming Fluxes EP—the second installment of a trio of EP releases (Kaolin dropped in September) which culminates in a full-length called Porcelain.

Listen to "Come Little Children" below:

AMARA as a 1-2 punch of (horrific) shows coming up next week. Those dates are:

October 31st | Chicago, IL | SoFar Sounds Halloween Celebration

November 1st | New York, NY | Communion Music @ Rockwood Music Hall


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