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Amazing photos of Redheads from all over the world

Photographer captures the striking beauty of red hair taken from 20 differnt countries

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Portraits of over 130 Redheads

While redheads have become synonymous with Ireland and Scotland, American photographer Brian Dowling, now living in Berlin Germany, photographed redheads from 20 different countries for his latest project "Redhead Beauty."

"Red hair is the rarest hair color in the world and is caused by a gene mutation know as MC1R which affects about 1% of the world population. This gene mutation can also affect a person's tolerance to pain, sunlight, and their hairs' ability to gray. Red hair will instead turn blonde or pure white when you age."

Redhead Beauty

Brian Dowling started this portrait project wanted to help break down stereotypes people often have of redheads. Over the course of three years to put his book together, "Redhead Beauty." It is now available on Kickstarter. You can find out more information on his Instagram.


Brian Dowling

Kirstie In The Scottish Highlands Of Glencoe


Brian Dowling

Ellie From London, England


Brian Dowling

Carmen From Best, Netherlands


Brian Dowling

An Early Morning With Alina From Kiev, Ukraine


Brian Dowling

Maria From Moscow, Russia


Brian Dowling

Krissy From Stuttgart, Germany


Brian Dowling

Elias In Belfast, Northern Ireland


Brian Dowling

Ricarda & Linda from Austria


Brian Dowling

Gracie From Howth, Ireland


Brian Dowling

From the book "Redhead Beauty"

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