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You're not going crazy, the Internet is down, and everything is not fine

People everywhere freak out as Amazon Web Services S3 goes out; what does the Internet do when it doesn't work?

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Amazon's web hosting service, AWS, is experiencing technical difficulties, and people are freaking out.

Have you had difficulties with your website today? Popdust, like many other sites, is hosted on Amazon Web Services, a cloud-computing-hosting-service (I write for a pop culture site, not a tech site, what do you want from me?).

S3, a server on AWS, started experiencing outages around 1pm, while (coincidentally) someone at Amazon was giving a live presentation about the functionalities of AWS. Here's a look at his presentation:

While we've been getting updates on the situation, sites like "Is It Down Right Now?" (which monitor whether or not sites are running) are crashing all over the US. The errors are caused by "high error rates in US-EAST-1" according to Amazon, but nobody is really sure what that means.

Will Amazon Web Services be working again by the time I finish this post? Will I even be able to post this, with AWS out? By the time I post it, will it even be relevant?

What does the tech world do when the Internet breaks?

I'm not talking Kim K "break the Internet" booty pics. I'm talking, the Internet is actually broken. Here at Popdust, we've all broken out our Yellow Legal Pads for some diligent brainstorming. Did you know the bottom of a pencil cup is a perfect circle?

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