Amber Heard Explains Why She Needs $50K A Month In Spousal Support

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Amber Heard, who filed for divorce from husband Johnny Depp last week, has documented her financial situation in court papers that explain why she is seeking $50,000 a month in spousal support.

Heard claims to have monthly expenses that total $43,700.

Her two biggest expenses are for $10,000 for rent, and another $10,000 for entertainment, gifts and vacation.

I would say she is unusually hard to entertain, judging from that budget.

Heard claims to need another $10,000 in miscellaneous expenses, which include grooming, pet supplies, and expenses for her agent and attorney, plus public relations.

The court papers reflect a total of $26,000 in 2016 revenues for Ms. Heard, an actress and model. But she claims to have paid out more than $55,000 in expenses over the same period. (Not the best businesswoman, then, it appears.) The expenditures include $11,500 in salaries for 'employees' and $14,250 for public relations.

The papers also reveal Heard's earnings from various movies and associations with Bulgari and other brands. And she has $25,000 in the bank.

All that money for PR and look where it got her.

Johnny Depp made $20 million dollars during the fifteen-month marriage, a bad year for him. Since they reportedly married in California, Amber Heard should walk away with $10 million, case closed.

But reports suggest that she is looking for a far bigger cut of Depp's fortune, which is estimated at $400 million.

The romantic Depp did not ask for a prenuptial agreement. What an expression of trust and hope!

Love may be blind, but those of us who are sighted can see that Heard's beauty is reminiscent of Depp's former loves  Kate Moss and Vanessa Paradis.

Rhapsodizing about Heard in the early days of their relationship, Depp said:

She was in my head, so I tracked her down. We tracked each other down. Actually, incidentally, it was amazing. It was at the first day of press on The Rum Diary.

If she is telling the truth about their marriage, Heard has suffered physical abuse and wants the world to know. We can't make judgements based on feelings about Johnny Depp or about gold-diggers.

However, we can be assured that lifestyles of the rich and famous are as tawdry and awful as anyone else's,