Last night on American Idol, Lee DeWyze came back (with some sweet advice for the hopefuls), the Black Eyed Peas performed, and, as is customary on Thursdays, one of the singers got sent home. It probably wasn't all too surprising that the bottom three was once again made up of all female singers—this time, it was Naima Adedapo, Haley Reinhart, and Karen Rodriguez who received the lowest number of votes—but the fact that Karen, whose MySpace-assisted journey to the show was dotted with lots of big ballads and playing straight to Jennifer Lopez, was the vocalist who America placed on the chopping block was a bit surprising. She was given the chance to sing for her life, and she revisited her bilingual interpretation of Mariah Carey's "Hero."

You kind of can hear why her version of the song wasn't enough to save her—I know I mentioned this last time, but there's a roundness to her voice that just makes so much of what she sings sound hollow. She was also off-pitch a few times, and yes, "Hero" is a pretty tough song to sing. And yet, as Randy Jackson noted, the judges' decision to cut her loose was not a unanimous one:

Who could have been the holdout? Was the split two yea-one nay or vice versa? Lopez had extremely intense looks on her face every time the camera cut to her, making one wonder if she was thinking about the "just don't sing the notes you don't think you can" advice she doled out to Karen last night. Or maybe she was just thinking about how if Karen got saved this week, she'd probably be back in the same position seven days from now? Because, honestly, that's probably what would have happened if she were granted a reprieve.

[Videos via MJ]