American Idol Recap And Videos—Finally Some Stand Out Peeps!

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Finally! It took like four episodes in but American Idol season 13 is finally on a roll.

Finally, some contestants that aren't derivatives of other contestants from years of Idol competition! Just kidding, everybody is an individual duh. But for real, this episode has got some memorable peeps!

First up tonight is Jesse Cline, perhaps or perhaps not related to Patsy Cline, who knows? Does he know? Maybe we'll find out later in the season that he's got music in his blood. Anyway, he sings Washed by the Water and the judges freak out prob like two seconds into his audition. They're in luv immediately, and Jesse is the first from Atlanta (ON TV AT LEAST) to make it through to Hollywood.

Kristen O'Connor gets through on not much talk from the judges-- just three surefire "Yes"es. I was kinda hoping they'd sit and rave about her for a little while longer, cuz I thought she had a unique, controlled voice that deserved some raving. BUT WHATEVS. Her and Emily Piriz got stuck in a "Yes" montage together, so maybe that's why they cut the comments. You can watch both auditions below.

Fifteen year old Jordan Brisbane enters the audition room and the first thing he says to the judges is, "I believe I have what it takes to shut the American Idol series down!" Werrrrrd up brah? I love this kid, he's too cute. He sings Bruno Mars' "If I Was Your Man," which has the judges all smilin' from ear to ear. "He has such a cool, round, beautiful face," is something Harry Connick Jr. says about the kid. He gets through to Hollywood and his fam jumps on him in excitement when he appears in the lobby with his golden ticket. The Idol moments that involve excited jumpin' families are definitely still the greatest.

Jessica Meuse is up next. Her hair is really pink and that's all I can focus on for the first like thirty seconds she's in the audition room. OH BUT THEN SHE STARTS SINGING and she's pretty amazing. Keith Urban, always the ever-observant judge, was like, "I like the way your shoulder moves in and out." Harry Connick Jr. basically asks her if she's a loner (why HC? because she's a little weird?!) and Jennifer Lopez says something that I think is supposed to lessen HARSH HARRY (as they are calling him)'s comment only I forget what it was. It was definitely nice. JLo is really good at being sweet. JLo forever. But yeah, Jessica is going to Hollywood! Life is great.

Everybody watch out for Lauren Ogburn because she's my new favorite and I hope she makes it to the live shows. She is hard to miss because she is wearing the American Flag from head to toe-- headband, necklace, shirt, pants, boots. She sings "Fancy" which Keith Urban dubs "a great choice" and I dunno. Lauren obvi isn't the greatest singer but I find her immediately likeable and *REAL*. She gets through! And I pray to the American Gods she's here to stay for a lil while longer. She can take off her headband though.

The last standout from Thursday's episode is Bri Anai, the fifteen year old powerhouse from Lithonia, Georgia. She sings a version of Adele's "One and Only" that is completely her own (serious, barely sounds like the original, she takes her sweet time with it, in a cool way) and the judges talk a lot about her choice of sparkly pink lipstick, which seems to be decided unanimously is a positive touch to her look. We'll see you in Hollywood, Bri!

Phew. Onto week three!